Rafflesia Flower in Sabah Bookmark

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The rafflesia is the biggest flower in the world, not to mention probably one of the stinkiest. The species, generally famed for its enormous flower that can sometimes grow to a size around 100cm in diameter and 10kg in weight, is also just as notorious for its smell that reeks like rotting flesh. Trust us, this is one flower you wouldn't be enthusiastic about admiring super up close unless you're a botanist or a masochist for inhaling gross smells. The subspecies shown in this bookmark is the Rafflesia Pricei variety which is endemic to the island of Borneo. Besides the wild depths of the rainforests, they can be found in the Tambunan Rafflesia Information Centre and the nature reserves surrounding the Poring Hot Springs.

Bookmark Size: 19.5cm × 5.5cm
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