All postcards are published by The Farmers' Brand Sdn Bhd.  All are nicely designed and printed in standard postcard size, i.e. 5 inches x 7 inches.  Photos for most of the postcards in the range from Borneo Wildlife to Borneo Scenery, Flowers, and etc are mostly taken by local photographer from Sabah.    

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Postcard - Adult Male Orang Utan
Orang Utan Postcard - Adult Male from Sepilok
Postcard of Young and Playful Orang Utan
Orang Utan Postcards Collection - The Red Ape
Orang Utan Postcard
An endangered Orang Utan Postcard
Pongo Pygmeaus Postcard
Postcard - Mascot of Sabah
Postcard of Sandakan the Home of Orang Utan
Postcard - Great Apes of Borneo
Romeo of Borneo Postcard
Postcard - Man of the Forest
Postcard of Orang Utan at Sepilok Sandakan
Welcome to SANDAKAN!
Postcard - Proboscis Monkey @ Kinabatangan River
Wild Harem Proboscis Monkey Postcard
Long-nosed Monkey Postcard
Postcard of Borneo's Mr Everlasting
Adult Male Proboscis Monkey Postcard
Juvenile Proboscis Monkey Postcard
The Big Nosed Monkey in Borneo
Mr Sexy - Proboscis Monkey Postcard
Female Proboscis Monkey & Baby
Sabah Map Postcard 風下之鄉
Sabah Postcard - Pulau Sapi
Sabah Postcard - Pulau Manukan
Sabah Post Card - Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
Sapi Island - Postcard of Borneo
Sabah Postcard - Mt. Kinabalu 神山明信片
Kota Kinabalu City Postcard  亞庇明信卡
Rafflesia Flower - Borneo Postcard  萊佛士花
Nepenthes Villosa - Sabah Postcard