Hammerhead Shark & Whale Shark Keychain


This key chain come with 2 artworks, Hammerhead Shark and Whale Shark.  The creatures that highly anticipated can be seen in Sipadan Island, Lankayan Island, and Layang-Layang Island.  All these 3 islands are considered the diving paradise in Sabah, Borneo.

Hammerhead Shark was named for the unusual and distinctive structure of its head, which are flattened and extended into a hammer shape.  Whereas Whale Shark is the largest living fish species, this animal is friendly and does not pose significant danger to human.  Sometime Whale Shark allow swimmers to hitch a ride and can play with divers.  Divers or snorkelers can swim with this big fish without any risk.

A great gift for a great person!  This is 2 sided or double sided high quality rubber key chain designed by local artist from Land Below the Wind. 

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