Borneo Head Hunting Coffee Mug


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Borneo is best known by its extraordinary image of Head Hunting activities during the pre-colonial era. Murut and Iban were the two famous groups of head hunting in Borneo.  The murut was the last Sabah enthic group to forsake head hunting.  Collecting heads of enemies gives the young recognition of manhood, proof of skill and valour.  As for Iban of Sarawak are fearsome warriors, a head troply is personal badge of honor.  At festival, placated head can bring blessing to the long house whereas ignored or insulted ones can wreak havok in the form of bad dreams, floods, epidemic or fire.

This is a unique piece of art printed on high quality mug! A great gift for friends and family, a cool piece of souvenir as collections!

Dishwasher safe & microwave safe.

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