WANTED! Proboscis Monkey Coffee Mugs


Proboscis Monkey or big nose monkey is one of the world's endangered species lives only in the remote mangrove swamps of Borneo.  The male proboscis monkey has large pot bellies that make them look "Permanently Pregnant".  It is one of the 10 primates in Borneo and can easily be seen along lower stream of Kinabatangan River.

Male Proboscis Monkey have a harems up to 20 wives. The wife always let him know when is the time to mate... with 20 of them to service, this served as a full time job for the male proboscis monkey.

This is an exclusive humor artwork created by local artist to put this special creature in WANTED list with attractive REWARDS by the state government of Sabah, Sandakan, Borneo.  Case convicted is TOO MANY WIVES!

Dishwasher safe & microwave safe.

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