Welcome to sabahgoodies.com!

by Shopify on July 17, 2011

Welcome to sabahgoodies.com!

This site is wholly owned by The Farmers' Brand Sdn Bhd located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

We are specialize in custom made souvenirs for all landmark tourism areas in Sabah Malaysia Borneo. We carry products such as plush toys, postcards, mugs, keychains, fridge magnets and etc etc... 

Most of these products come with very unique and artistic design owned and created by the local artists in Sabah. All of the designs are inspired and influenced by the wildlife found in the Borneo Island, which is the paradise of some endangered creatures like Orang Utan, Proboscis Monkey, Bornean Pygmy Elephant, Sun Bear, Hornbills, etc.

There are also designs with the natural scenic places, like the highest peak of South East Asia, Mount Kinabalu, the Sipadan Island (nominated as one of the seven wonders, Island section, went into the second round of votes), etc. Sabah Malaysia Borneo is the place you can still see these animals roaming around lands and along the rivers, not to mention other several breathtaking places. If you ever get a chance to travel to East Malaysia, this is the place you must go and explore. 

Thank you for looking at our products.