Laban Rata Resthouse Bookmark

RM7.00 MYR
Mention "Mt. Kinabalu" and there's a possibility that not everyone will bring up "Laban Rata Resthouse" at the same time. Although the resthouse isn't as famous as Mt. Kinabalu when it comes to mountain climbers' conversations, it nevertheless plays a significant role in their quest to conquer Low's Peak. The entire journey to reach the summit usually takes 2 days, and Laban Rata provides a safe place for adventurers to rest and re-fuel with meals before and after the climb. You may have seen tons of Mt. Kinabalu bookmarks but we bet you've most likely never seen Laban Rata Resthouse bookmarks so here's one if you fancy something different for a change!

Bookmark Size: 19.5cm × 5.5cm
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