Proboscis Monkey with Afro Plush Toy

RM45.00 MYR

While the real proboscis monkeys do not have fur as fabulous as their fellow simian neighbours in Sabah, the orang utans, you can have this plushie that sports the same stylish afro as our other afro orang utan plushie. Although this guy is small in stature, his personality is anything but small with the text "I am BIG" embroidered across his chest. And if that didn't clue you in enough, he has his red hot chili out in full view too! Own this bold gift from Borneo as a souvenir! Just maybe think carefully before giving this guy to young kids, okay? Because you might end up needing to explain cheeky anatomy to them.

This plush toy is made from 100% hi-pile material and is about 6 inches in height.

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